Upright MRI

The Upright MRI is the most patient-friendly MRI scanner available. Although patients can be scanned lying down, standing, or bending, they are usually scanned in a comfortable seated position while watching a 42 inch flat panel television set during the quick scanning process. Only the Upright MRI enables patients to be scanned in their positions of pain or other symptoms, including weight-bearing positions. Some problems are not detectable or cannot be fully evaluated when the patient is lying down. The Upright MRI has the ability to put the patient in the position necessary to provide the most accurate diagnosis. Due to the unique magnet configuration of the Upright MRI, patients are unobstructed as there is nothing in front or directly overhead to create a closed-in feeling.

Anxiety related to claustrophobia and other common negative reactions associated with traditional MRI scanners are no longer an issue with the Upright MRI. The Upright MRI accommodates special needs patients as well, such as those unable to physically lie down and young children who frequently need to be anesthetized to prevent motion. Since children can sit comfortably watching TV, the motion challenge can be eliminated, thereby avoiding the added expense and risk of anesthesia. Finally, infants can be scanned risk-free, sleeping peacefully on their parents' laps during their scan.